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F.N. Plevako awards

One of the most prestigious awards of the advocate community of Russia is the Fyodor Nikiforovitch Plevako award 

One of the good traditions of the Russian Bar it to honor the most respectable and dignified colleagues. For this purpose the F.N. Plevako Gold Medal was established in 1996 upon the initiative of the Guild of Russian Advocates.On April 7th, 1997, the medal was recorded in the State Heraldic Register. On June 23rd, 1997 it was registered as a professional award. The first Gold Medal award ceremony took place in Moscow, in the Pillar Hall of the House of Unions, on April 25th, 1997 – on the 155th anniversary of the birth of the master of Russian Bar. 

Each F.N. Plevako award ceremony is a demonstration of unity of the advocate corporation, professionalism, commitment to the high ideals of law, humanism and justice.  

After the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, which actively participates in the work of the Committee for Conferring the F.N. Plevako Advocate Awards, the Plevako Gold Medal received a corporate-wide status. The F.N. Plevako Gold Medal is awarded to lawyers for significant success in protection of constitutional rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens, high professional competence, major contribution to the development of the Bar, long-term dedicated work to provide professional legal assistance, develop legal science, prepare professional legal personnel. The medal is also awarded to state officials, social and public figures, legal scientists, journalists, cultural workers, educational institutions and mass media for a major contribution to the development of the Bar and human rights activity. The gold medal is made by the Moscow Mint from precious metal. Its diameter is 29 mm. Along with the medal a certificate is awarded, and its owner’s name is forever recorded in the Book of Honor of the Russian Bar.

On December 4th, 2003 the F.N. Plevako Silver Medal and the Diploma with the presentation of the F.N. Plevako Bronze bust. The Silver Medal is awarded to lawyers regardless of their record of work for success achieved in the field of protection of rights and legal interests of citizens and legal entities, development of legal science, active participation in strengthening the unity of the Bar. Besides, the medal can be awarded to state officials and public figures, representatives of Russian science and culture for a significant contribution to human rights activity and development of the Russian Bar. The bronze bust of F.N. Plevako is awarded to outstanding personalities in the Bar, as well as public figures and state officials in the category “For a significant contribution to strengthening of unity of the Russian Bar”.  The bust is a work of authorship of Sergey Polegaev, sculptor of the Russian academic school. It is made of precious metal and has a height of 22 cm.”F.N. Plevako” is inscribed on the stand.   Each F.N. Plevako award ceremony is a demonstration of unity of the advocate corporation, professionalism, commitment to the high ideals of law, humanism and justice.  

The Start of a Partnership

Moscow 08.08.2018

Delegation of the Ministry of Justice of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam visits the RFCL

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Moscow 07.08.2018

Founder and Executive President of Swiss-Russian Forum Foundation visits RFCL

Annual European Young Bar Association Conference

Netherlands 25.06.2018

The Conference will take place in Amsterdam from June 28 until July 1 2018 and its theme will be “Dutch Masters”